CON/SPAN Bridge Systems

CON/SPAN’s innovative, economical design stands apart from any other system. Its distinctive arch action utilizes fast, set-in-place construction; and your design and installation are backed by extensive technical support. Not surprisingly, CON/SPAN Bridge Systems have been evaluated, approved, and used by more state DOTs than any other system on the market today.

There are over 7,000 CON/SPAN installations since 1983. Spans range from 12’ to 60’ with rises from 3’ to 14’ and each system comes complete with precast headwalls and wing-walls. Ideal for stream crossings and minimizing waterway disturbances, which means less permit exposure for you and your client. When a larger span-to-rise ratio is needed, CON/SPAN can be an extremely effective answer. Modular construction means simple and fast installations.

Product Specifications:

  • Over 7,000 installations since 1983
  • Complete precast system
  • Outstanding span to rise ratio for wide, low crossings
  • Spans from 12 feet to 60 feet
  • Evaluated, approved and used by more state DOTs than any other bridge system on the market today
  • Meets standard AASHTO and AASHTO LRFD specifications
  • Services

Benefits of the CON/SPAN Bridge System:

  • Buried Bridge Structure - Reduces maintenance costs and lowers life cycle costs as there are no bridge deck or joints at the deck/roadway interface.
  • Modular Bridge System - Rapid installation results in reduced overall project costs, delays, and detours.
  • Designed “Site Specific” - Meets your site needs in full compliance with AASHTO and AREMA design standards for highway and railway use.
  • Full-Scale Load Tested - Verified engineering design methodology.
  • Easy Site-Adaptability - Flexible layout options to fit within the right-of-way – curve the structure with a stream or adjust for vertical and horizontal clearance requirements.
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment with standardized components - Manufacturing is fast and efficient allowing us to offer a high quality yet cost-effective bridge option.